Outsourcing of Financial Planning and Reporting

Managers in entities are required to submit timely and error-free reports to the owners of controlling departments, in accordance with specified templates.

Trying to address your needs, we help Clients in many areas related to domestic and international reporting. We offer advice on how to solve accounting and financial reporting problems in accordance with international, American and other standards. We can analyse and compare rules applied by a company with those resulting from new requirements. We are able to identify areas where financial statements and management reports do not comply with the requirements imposed by a group, or by internal regulations – accounting policy.

We analyse differences, indicate changes necessary in this scope and help to prepare accounting policy which is adjusted to a Client’s needs.

Our services include in particular:

  • converting reports to IAS/IFRS, i.e. converting into reports compliant with accounting standards in accordance with international financial reporting standards;
  • converting reports to US GAAP, i.e converting into reports compliant with accounting standards in accordance with American financial reporting standards;
  • reporting in accordance with IAS/IFRS;
  • reporting in accordance with US GAAP.


Management reporting includes in particular:

  • analysis of financial reports;
  • preparation and analysis of budget execution reports;
  • preparation and analysis of the structure of revenues and costs/expenses;
  • analysis of margin on the sale of products;
  • analysis of manufacturing costs and reasons for standard price deviations;
  • preparation and analysis of individual reports adjusted to a Clients’ information needs.