Price List

We start the calculation of the price for accounting services from the number of documents in a month. This is the first, but not the only one component which has an impact on an offer presented to a Client. Every document is counted separately. A bank statement is treated as one document – we do not count every banking operation separately. Another important element which influences the cost of a service is the difficulty level of works performed by our accounting office. The complexity of business operations varies in the context of applicable regulations, particularly those pertaining to taxes and accounting.

Example prices:

Revenue and accounts ledger – from PLN 150
Account books – from PLN 450

Consultancy fee is directly connected with fees for individual advisors. Furthermore, risk related to individual orders influences the expense level. The form of consulting also matters – whether information is provided orally or in writing, or whether a meeting takes place in a client’s office or in a form of a conference call.

Please contact our accounting office so that we can present you our offer and a detailed price list.