Audit and Control Outsourcing

The purpose of audit services is to authenticate financial data by issuing a statutory auditor’s opinion which confirms the accuracy and clarity of financial data and by decreasing the risk of decisions taken by a client in the scope of company organisation, their accounting and finances.

Specialists that we work with audit financial statements while retaining the full compliance of the methodology of works with Polish regulations, as well as the International Auditing and Assurance Standards.

The International Auditing and Assurance Standards constitute a world-wide model for accounting regulations and standards.

They ensure that a company’s financial standing is presented in detail. After unifying the accounting standards, it is possible to compare reports internationally and prepare consolidated financial statements.

While preparing a financial statement in accordance with IAS, management boards of entities need an experienced advisor who would provide them with credible, quality information which enables to make an informed decision about this financial statement.

Our advisors specialise both in the implementation of International Financial Reporting Standards, as well as in the scope of auditing financial statements which conform to the standards.