Outsourcing of Legal Services

Outsourcing of legal services consists in entrusting external outsourcing companies which employ lawyers of various specialties with the provision of comprehensive legal services.

  1. Savings

    The most significant benefit that comes from outsourcing is that the expenses of a company’s legal services are minimised. Currently, instead of employing an in-house lawyer permanently or contract a legal firm to provide services, entrepreneurs can effectively entrust an outsourcing company with the provision of permanent legal assistance for a small monthly subscription fee.

  1. Specialists from various areas

    Due to the current development of individual areas of law, the so-called “lawyer for everything” cannot provide a correct answer without specialist knowledge, due to the lack of necessary experience. On the other hand, legal outsourcing makes it possible for a Client to simultaneously use the knowledge of lawyers specialising in various areas of law.

  1. Speed of operation

    We cooperate with experienced specialists from different areas of law, which makes it possible for our Clients to obtain fast answers to their questions. Contrary to small law firms, consisting of one up to a few lawyers, we can benefit from a large group of lawyers who are able to provide fast legal advice.