Outsourcing of Accounting Services


An entity that decides to use accounting outsourcing saves on remuneration expenses and expenses related to equipping workplaces. It is not necessary to incur costs of expensive finance software. You do not need to secure training expenses in a budget or expenses connected with access to regulations. Savings can be even greater if an employee is absent – absence of financial department employees, particularly a chief accountant or a financial director often means significant expenses for a company connected with providing substitution, whereas the outsourcing of accounting services ensures the continuity of management. We should also emphasise that it is possible to flexibly adjust expenses to the size of business.


Maintaining confidentiality is a great benefit of accounting outsourcing. External entity simply does not have a reason to disclose sensitive financial or human resources data to unauthorised persons. Payroll outsourcing is an excellent example here – management boards of many companies decide to make use of it just because of confidentiality, which is very difficult to ensure among their own employees. Professional entity dealing with accounting, personnel and payroll outsourcing should have appropriate data security procedures in place, including IT security. Ensuring such level of security by an entity itself may be difficult or too expensive, especially for smaller entities.

Data access

Modern IT solutions make it possible to have full, convenient, 24-hour access to data. 

We use various tools which support business operations. Contrary to many other accounting offices, we do not limit ourselves to software made available by one producer. We continuously test new IT possibilities to meet Clients’ needs. Our offer for Clients includes different report forms, information management systems, digital document archive, functionalities such as invoice and payment generation.  We have experience connected with the implementation and use of electronic document circulation. Our products are available online for authorised Client’s employees, simply in an online browser anywhere in the world.

Limiting the responsibility of a management board

By signing an agreement with our accounting office, a management board transfers responsibility for fiscal issues, Social Security Institution (ZUS) calculations to our company. A management board not only significantly limits its responsibility, but can also focus on key elements of its business, knowing that the company’s taxes and reporting are being dealt with by certified accountants, specialists in labour  and social security law, supported by tax advisors and statutory auditors. 

Who is outsourcing for?

I would especially recommend outsourcing to small and medium-sized companies. The benefits are the most noticeable here. A narrow group of managers very quickly notices the decrease of burdens such as payroll management, human resources management or accounting, and savings are simply visible in financial reports.

Controlling and management

Many accounting offices focus their services only around tax issues. ABC GO cooperates with experts from various areas – management accounting, databases, Excel specialists, financial directors, who are able to support our clients also in the area of finances, controlling – starting from the correct planning of charts of accounts, through individualised management reports, ending with  budgeting support.

Na co zwracać uwagę przy wyborze biura księgowego?

Before choosing a partner, it is definitely recommended to check its experience, qualifications of a team, scope of offered services, communication methods, appropriate permits, insurance.