External Services – Outsourcing

The idea of outsourcing financial services consists in combining two basic things: on the one hand, possibilities to use the services of a specialist in a given area (in our case – a financial specialist) and, on the other, avoiding high expenses which would result from the permanent employment of a specialist in your company.

Cooperation with our company will help you significantly reduce high fixed expenses (generated for a long time) and replace them with lower expenses which are incurred only for a period when you decide to use the services of an external company, while retaining the quality of works, which is one of our company’s priorities.

Our experience and cooperation with already a large number of companies was the reason for the boards of our Clients’ companies to decide to entrust us with all or some works within the framework of outsourcing, benefiting both from the high quality of our services as well as expenses lower than those that would be incurred as a result of the permanent employment of specialists. After signing a cooperation agreement in which we determine the scope of works, we are able to perform the following services for your companies, in return of a monthly payment for ABC GO.