Personnel and Payroll Outsourcing


Personnel and payroll outsourcing means savings on employees’ remuneration, equipment and appropriate software supporting work related to payroll and personnel. Persons working in HR should undergo regular trainings and have access to current regulations. These add to the costs of internal HR management. In the event when a specialist is absent (particularly for a long time), organisational problems appear immediately and the expenses of personnel and payroll management increase significantly. On the other hand, personnel and payroll outsourcing ensures the full continuity of management. You should also note the effect of adjusting management expenses to the amount of work or the number of employees.


Confidentiality is considered the key benefit of personnel and payroll outsourcing. An accounting office does not make payroll data or personnel information available to unauthorised persons. The management boards of many companies decide to outsource personnel and payroll services just because of confidentiality which is very difficult to ensure among a company’s employees. An entity which deals with payroll and personnel outsourcing should have appropriate data security procedures, particularly IT security. It may be difficult or expensive for entities to ensure such a level of security on their own, especially in case of small entities.

Access to data

Advanced IT solutions allow a client to access data fast and in a continuous manner, online, simply via a browser in any location throughout the world.

Practically, any crucial personnel and payroll data can be made available on an ongoing basis in a form of reports, analyses, agreement templates ready to be filled in, calculations.


Members of management significantly limit their responsibility by entrusting a professional company with tax issues or settlements with the Social Security Institution (ZUS).

Scope of payroll and banking services

In general, accounting offices limit themselves to tax issues. In ABC GO we cooperate with labour law lawyers, personnel specialists, occupational psychologists and experts from many areas. We are able to offer a wide range of services.